VCEditor is the current software implementation of the VisColl project. It references the VisColl Data Model 2.0. It is free and available for anybody to use. Sign up for an account here.

Screenshot from VCEditor

Do you need help using VCEditor? Go to the Guidebook.

Do you prefer videos? Go to the Video Guidebook on YouTube.

In January 2022, Dot Porter led a series of workshops on VCEditor. Workshops in this series include Building Diagrams, Terms, Taxonomies, and Mapping; Managing and Mapping Images; and Building VCEditor Models from Collation Formulas. There is a playlist that includes recordings of these workshops on the SIMS YouTube channel.

Find the VCEditor source code on GitHub.

Citing VCEditor

If you use VCEditor to build collation models or visualizations of manuscripts, please cite your use in the following format:

This visualization was created using VCEditor on [Date]